Maagai (Mango Pickle) -Type II

Maagai is a Traditional mango pickle made in India but may be called with different names in different regions.Here is a simple type of Maagai,My Mom-In-Law told me this recipe,I'm a begineer in making pickles so she told me this easy recipe which stays good for 3-4 months when done in a right way.
My hubby's daily breakfast is Oatmeal,he cant have it directly so he needs some pickle to spice up his meal so I made few pickles for him and now I want to share them with u all and sending this for Pickles 'N' Chutneys Event by Sireesha in her blog named Mom's recipies .

Raw Mango: 2 no(washed,pat dry,peeled and diced)
Salt:1/2 cup(may vary to ur taste)
Red Chilli powder: 1 cup(adjust to ur taste)
Oil: 2.5 cups
Fenugreek Seed Powder:1/2 spn
Mustard Powder: 3 spns

For Tempering:
Mustard Seeds: 2 spns
Hinge: 3/4 spn
Red Dry Chillies:5-6
Oil:5 spns

1.In a pan,pour 2.5 cups of oil ,add the diced raw mango pieces and mix well, cook the mangoes on the oil till the mango pieces become smooth n mushy.Keep Sitring in between.
2.When done switch off the flame and let this mashed mango n oil mixture come to room temperature.
3.Once it is cooled then mix salt,fenugreek powder,red chilli powder and mustard powder to the above cooled mixture and mix well,make sure u mix it evenly,leave it aside covered for a day.
4.Now get the tempering done,heat oil in a pan when hot add cumin seeds n allow it to splatter,now add hinge and red chillies,fry well and let it cool down to room temperature.
5.When the tempering is cool add it to the pickle that is left aside for a day,mix well and after a day the pickle is ready to use.

To increase the shelf time of the pickle make sure that all the utensils n dishes used are really dry,as excess moisture will spil the pickle.Hope U all like this easy and tasty pickle.

I would even like to send Koru Maagai Pacchadi , Sweet Mango Pickle , Carrot Pickle also to the Pickle 'N' Chutneys event.
Wish to learn more varities of pickles from the event and come back to check few more pickles from my blog.


Tina said...

Wow colourful and spicy pickle....send one bottle to me dear...

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Super tasty :-)

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