Stuffed Brinjal (Easy Made)

Stuffed Brinjal can made with different varaitions,here is a very easy way to make tasty n simple Brinjal.I got to know this recipe from my Mom-In-Law in my last India Trip. She made it in no time and I made this today,I was feeling very tried but dont want to compramise with my Lunch.
Here is the recipe:

Round Brinjals: 8 no(small)
Oil:3 spns
Senaga Karam: 5-6 spn

1.Wash the brinjals,pat dry and trim the stem.Now cut the brinjal into half without detaching the stem.
2.Add oil to a pan and now put the cut brinjal in the pan and cover it with a lid.
3.Cook it smooth on all sides and sprinkle little salt,mix well.
4.When the brinjal is completely cooked and turns smooth,switch off the flame and let the brinjal become cool.Now carefully open the brinjal and sprinkle Senaga Karam on both the halfes and close the brinjal.Repeat the same with all the brinjals.
5.Finally sprinkle some more Senaga Karam on top of the brinjals and Serve it hot with rice and dal.

U can find the recipe of Senaga Karam in my blog here.
If u like u can even substitute SengaKaram with any powder like CurryLeaf Powder,Kobbari Karam,anything of ur choice.
Isn't this recipe easy???Try this n write back ur comments.


Tina said...

Looks delicious.....

LG said...

Easy and does not use water at all so it can be kept for a long time without spoilage. Good One Kavya.

Balakrishna Saraswathy said...

They looks so yummy Kavya..very simple and delicious

Bhagi said...

Yummy Kavya....