Veggie Cutlet

Yesterday night my hubby was busy with his offshore call and I was feeling bored and looking through Finger Licking Food of Namratha and I found lots of sweets and I simply love the way she presents her food,finally at 10.30pm my hubby finished his call but I was still busy seeing the blog and by the time he came,I was seeing Vegetable Cutlet and he also wanted to have a Cutlet and to be frank I also felt like having it.Planned to make it for some weekend when friends come to Lunch/dinner,couldn't resist myself and made them today.

Here is my Version of Cutlets,I made Cabbage n carrot Curry for my lunch,couldnt complete it and left it so that we can have it with Pulka to night but I used it to make Cutlets by adding some boiled and mashed potato to it.


Potato: 4 small(peeled boiled n mashed)
Cabbage n Carrot Curry: 2 cups
All Purpose Flour:3 spns
Bread Crumbs:3/4 cup
Oil:For Deep Frying the Cutlets


1.In a pan add the cabbage n carrot curr,fry it for 3-4 mins so that the mositure gets evoprated if any.Now add in the boiled n mashed potatoes.
2.The cabbage n carrot curry is spiced u need not add any other spices to the dish,but check for the seasonings,adjust if necessary.Cook it on medium flame for another 4-5 mins.
3.By now the mixture become dry and ready to make Cutlets.If u still find that the mixture is moist then add 2 spns of breadcrumbs and knead well.
4.Take a small portion of the mixture and make them into your desired shapes like oval,tear shape or like patties and put aside.I made them to tear shape.
5.In a bowl take all-purpose flour and add water,make it into a smooth paste with no lumps.
6.Now take the patties,dip them in all-purpose flour paste (dont leave them in the paste for too long as they may turn soggy and absorb more oil)and coat it with bread crumbs evenly on both sides.Repeat them with all the patties and put them aside.
7.Now pour oil in a pan for deep frying,when hot fry the patties on both sides till they turn golden brown color.Place them on a paper towel to remove the excess oil if any.
8.Serve it hot with Tomato Ketchup/Mint Chutney/Chilli Sauce.

Click here to view Cabbage n Carrot Curry which I mentioned in this post.Finally the curry made for lunch is turned into yummy Veggie Cutlet by adding few Ingridents.

I even made few Patties that can be used in Making Veggie Burger and that will be my Breakfast tomarrow.


Tina said...

My all time fav...crispy and mouthwatering dear. Yummy....

Sravanthi Jr TIA said...

Kavya, I tried this cutlet after seeing the pic in your blog. It turned out good and my husband also loved it. Thank you for posting! Will try gobi fried rice sometime... it looks good :)