Arati Thokkala Pacchadi

I am a big fan of home-made pickles and chutneys.When I mom makes curries which I dont eat then I use to ask her to make any pacchadi with which I can have my entire meal.Recently I saw this recipe in a cooking show 'Maa Oori Vanta' and tried Arati Thokkala Pacchadi It came out very well.Till then I know that we can make chutney with the skin of the veggies(Beerakaya,Aratikaya) but never tried it before.Made it today for our lunch.Waiting for my hubby to taste and comment on it.


Arati Thokkalu: From 2 Aratikayalu(chop the Plantian skin into small pieces)
Chenna Dal:2 spns
Urad dal:1.5 spn
Jeera:1 spn
Tamrind:Small Piece
Garlic:3 pods
Salt:To taste
Dry Red Chillies:3
Turmeric Pwd:A Pinch
Oil:2 spns


1.In a pan add oil,when hot add cumin seeds,when they splatter add chenna dal,urad dal and fry till they turn golden color.Now put in the garlic,tamrind,red chillies and fry till garlic turn smooth.
2.Put the chopped plantain skin mix and cook them covered till smooth.Add a pinch of turmeric pwd and Salt to taste.
3.Once the plantain pieces are smooth,turn off the flame and let the mixture cool.
4.Put it in a blender and make it to a smooth paste.
5.Serve it with Rice/Dosa.


Tina said...

Healthy pachadi..Its new to meeee. Looks yummy...

Sunitha said...

Awesome...never had this pacchadi.. thanks for sharing

Harini krishna said...

i heard and learnt this from you kavya.. have become regular at this now..aritikaya kura unnappudu aritithokku pachhadi :)