Gobi Fried Rice

Gobi FriedRice,Fried Gobi Noodles these the peculiar names when I was young but later once I saw and tasted them at Teenage Point,a famous fast food place in Vizag.I love Cauliflower a lot and love eating it deep fried evn though not good for health,but having it once in a while is Ok.I made this at home yesterday.Here goes the recipe.
Fried Gobi :

Cauliflower:1 small(cut into flowerlets and put them in salt water,this helps to clean the flowerlets)
Cornflour:2 spns
All Purpose Flour:2 spns
GingerGarlic Paste:1 spn
Salt :To Taste
Pepper:To Taste
Red Food Color:1/8th spn
Water:3 spns
Oil:For Deep Frying

1.In a blow put the washed Cauliflower flowerlets and sprinkle all-purpose flour,cornflour toss them well,such that the flowerlets are coated evenly.
2.Now add the remaining ingridents listed aboved except Oil for deep frying.Toss and coat them evenly and put aside.
3.Heat Oil for deep frying the flowerlets,when the oil is hot put the coated cauliflower in the oil and fry them till they are 90% done,take them in a plate.Now the Fried Gobi is ready to be used.


Cooked Rice:1 cup
Carrot:1 (peeled n cut into thin strips by 1/2 inch)
Onion:1/2(cut into thin slices)
Capsicum:1(cut into 1/2 inch strips)
Chopped Cabbage:1/2 cup(finely chopped)
Spring Onions:1 bunch(cut)
Green Peas:1/4 cup
Broken Cashew:2 spns
Soya Sauce:1 spn
Veniger:1 spn
Ajinamoto:1/4 spn
Salt:To Taste
Pepper:To Taste

1.In a pan add oil when hot add onions ,cashewnuts and fry till onions turn transculate.Now add cabbage,carrot and fry till they r half done.At this time add the cut capsicum and cook them covered for 3-4 mins.
2.Now add soya sauce,veniger,ajinamoto,salt and pepper,mix well and fry for another 3-4 mins.
3,Add the cut spring onions,mix well and fry for 2 mins.
4.Now add the cooked rice to the fried veggies,mix evenly,finally add the fried Gobi and fry for 5 mins on low flame.

5.Serve hot with Ketchup.I usually love having it with thin slices of onions and thick curds.

U can add cut beans also but I dont have them available so didnt use them.

Last time I just made normal veg friedrice and served with Manchurian Sauce,my fav combination and wanted to present it in the way I saw in an online video which shows how to make Thai Friedrice.and tried doing it and I made it and turned out Well.Hubby loved it as he loves Omelete and eggfriedrice.This sloved both the purpose.


Tina said...

Wow tempting and delicious friedrice...

Unknown said...

Havent tried adding gobi in fried rice. Sounds delicious Kavya,

jacky said...

OMG !! Looks delicious.. have to make it !! thanks for sharing ..

jacky said...

OMG! looks delicious.. good idea.. have to make it .. thanks for sharing..