Palak Dosa

Dosa,a very common breakfast item.Made it healthier by adding spinach paste to the dosa.Palak dosa can be made in 2 ways one is by applying the palak paste on the dosa,as I did in this recipe and the other way is by adding the washed palak leaves to soaked rice,urad dal and blend it to smooth paste and make dosa.

Dosa Batter(Soak 1 cup of urad dal and 2 cups of rice together for 5-6 hrs,blend it to a smooth paste and ferment it for another 5-6 hrs,now the dosa batter is ready to Use)

Palak Paste:
Spinach:1 bunch(washed n chopped)
Tomato:1 small(chopped)
Garlic Pods: 4
Green Chillies:4-5(adjust to ur taste)
Chopped Ginger:2 spns
Salt:To Taste
Cumin Seeds:1 spn
Oil:2 spns
1.Add oil to a pan,when hot add cumin seeds and let them splatter,now add in the garlic pods n ginger and green chillies,fry till garlic turns smooth and golden color.
2.Now add the washed n chopped spinach,fry till spinach is smooth,at this time add the chopped tomato,mix well and fry till the spinach and tomato are completely cooked.
3.Let the mixture cool down,then blend the mixture to a smooth paste,add little water if necessary,make sure that the mixture is not too loose,if its loose then it becomes hard to apply on the dosa.Now the palak paste to ready to be used on dosa.
4.Heat a dosa pan,add few drops of oil,spread it all over the pan,when the pan is hot,take a ladle full of dosa batter,pour in the center of pan and turn it in a circular motion to spread the batter.Sprinkle little oil on the edges of the dosa.Cook for 2 mins and then apply the palak paste on the dosa.
5.Let the dosa sit on the pan for another 2 mins and then fold the dosa and serve it hot.

This dosa can be eaten like this without any chutney if count u can have it with any chutney of ur taste.
U can add grated panner on the palak dosa and enjoy Palak Paneer Dosa.


Tina said...

Healthy dosa...Sounds great...

Divya Vikram said...

Looks healthy n perfect breakfast! Long since I dropped by ur space. How have you been?