Spicy Tomato Rice

In my last India trip we went to Tirupathi ,there I had this Tomato rice in a small stall where they made it in Chiness style.I stood beside him and watched the way he made it.He made it very similar to Veg FriedRice by adding soya sauce,veniger and tasting salt but the only difference is he added cut tomato and curry leaves,adding veniger and ajinamoto to the dish made it taste different.I really loved the taste and had it daily for 3 days.I tried in the same way and could only reach 50% of that taste.

Here is the recipe...


Rice:1 cup(add 2 cups of water to rice and cook it)
Tomato:3 medium(chopped)
Onion:1 medium(cut to thin slices)
Green Chillies:5 (slit)
Ginger Garlic Paste:1 spn
Curry Leaves:8-10
Ajinamoto(Tasting Salt):1/4 spn
Soya Sauce:2 spns
White Veniger:1.5 spn
Red Chilli Pwd:2 spns(I want the red color to tomato rice so I use half of green chillies and half of red chilli powder as per ur taste U can use either of them to ur choice)
Chopped Spring Onions:4 spns(aptional)
Salt:To taste
Oil:3 spns
Garam Masala Powder: 1 spn(adjust to ur taste)


1.In a pan add oil when hot add cut onions and fry till they turn golden color,now add curry leaves,slit green chillies and fry for 2 mins,add chopped spring onions ,ginger garlic paste and fry till the raw flavor is removed
2.Now add soya sauce,white veniger,tasting salt and fry for another 2 mins, add chopped tomato,cook it covered till tomato turns smooth.At this time add salt,chilli powder,garam masala mix well and check for the seasonings,adjust if needed.
3.Finally add the cooked rice to this tomato masala,mix evenly and serve hot with any Raitha.


I had few boiled red beans and potato in the fridge so I added them to this..its just optional.U can add any veggies or just peas to the dish.

Sharing this recipe for EFM-Variety Rice Series in the blog Me and My Kitchen.


Prathibha said...

nice idea..looks really yummy....will give a try soon..

Balakrishna Saraswathy said...

Looks very good to me Kavya..sometime it happens no matter how hard v try to get the same taste..maybe it's the hand that does the cooking :D Even I tried making my friend tomato rice..with her tell me each step but still it tasted different from hers too da..v tried that's wht matter honey...

navya said...