Vegetable Sweet Corn Soup

One of my all time favourite soups,Vegetable sweet corn soup and Hot n Sour Soup,this is what I order first when I go to restraunts,I dont even prefer trying any other soup than this two soups.I tried making this at home and enjoyed it on a cold day.Winter is around and many like to have something hot most of the time like some Bajji,Pakoda etc etc,why dont we prefer some healthy home made soups???So I wanted to share it here.


Vegetable Broth:1/2 can(7 oz)U can even use water if u dont have Broth ready.
Cabbage:1/2 cup(Finely Chopped)
Carrot:1(peeled n chopped into small pieces)
Corn:1/4 cup(I used frozen Sweet Corn)
Cut Spring Onion:3 spns
White Veniger:1.5 spn
Soya Sauce:1.5 spns
Ajinamoto(Tasting Salt):2 pinches
Cornflour:3 spn
Pepper:To taste
Salt:To taste
Oil:2 spn


1.In a pan add oil ,add all the chopped veggies except cut spring onions stir well ,cook it cover till veggies are half done.Now add the washes frozen corn.Fry for 4-5 mins.
2.Now add white veniger,soya sauce,ajinamoto,salt(be careful while u add salt to the dish as vegetable broth contains salt) and pepper to taste,mix well and now add in the vegetable broth and let it come to a boil.
3.Take cornflour to a bowl,add water and make it to a smooth paste(so that it wouldnt form into lumps when we add it to the soup)Add this cornflour paste to the soup,mix well,let the soup boil.
4.When the soup is boiling we can see some froth on the top of soup,remove the froth.Soup is ready.
5.Just Before add the cut spring onions and Serve hot.

U can add some peper tomato ketchup,chilli veniger or soya sauce to ur taste if u want while eating.


Sravanthi said...

I was waiting for the recipe from the time i saw the pic in your orkut album :) Thank you kavya... will try it some time, this is my fav soup

Bhagi said...

Gud one Kavya. I love sweet corn soup...