Zebra Cake

My first attempt in making Zebra Cake,came out well but I'm not satisfied with the look of the cake as I couldn't make to many strips on the cake.I saw this cake in many blogs and online videos and wanted to try this but keep on postponing it from long time,recently I saw this cake in Repository of my tried and tasted recipes by Bhargavi.

After seeing this I tried it last week and came out ok,but still I want to post it in my blog to send this to Show Me Your Cake event by Divya.


Duncan Hines: Classic Yellow cake mix
Unsweetend Coco Powder:1/4 cup
Eggs:3 large
Vegetable Oil:1/2 cup
Water:1+1/3 cups


1.Using the instructions on the cake mix box and make cake batter.
2.Seprate half of the mix and add unsweetend coco powder and mix with out any lumps,add 3-4 spoons of milk/water to loosen the consistency of the coco powder mixed cake mix.
3.Prepare the cake pan by greasing the cake pan with oil,grease the sides of the pan too.Then line the cake pan with wax paper.
4.Now 2 colors of cake batter is ready now we need to put one spoon of white batter in the middle of the cake pan and let it spread on its own,now alternate it with chocolate cake batter and repeat this with the whole batter.Let it sit for 5-10 mins so that it sets evenly.I saw this video and make the cake.Click here to view the video.
5.Put the cake pan in oven,bake it according to the instructions on the box.
I used a 8" round cake pan so baked it for 35 mins.
6.When done remove from oven and let it cool down n then toss it to a plate,cut and enjoy.

Planning to a make a Lemon Flavored Cake in coming weeks.Wish I could success in that too.
I'm making a Black Forest Cake for this New year Celebrations.

Wishing U n Ur Family A Happy New year.


Tina said...

Looks cute and delicious......

multivitamin said...

I love different flavoured cake!! Thanks for sharing a cake recipe here. I would like to experiment it.

Balakrishna Saraswathy said...

Looks great Kavya...Happy New Yr

Parita said...

Wow cake looks perfect!!!