Aloo Balls In Marinara Sauce

Is the name of the dish sounding different!!!!I got inspired by Meatballs and Marinara a popular dish in Italian cuisine but me being a vegetarian I could never try this but I just loved to see the small dumplings in yummy Marinara so I made this in my version using aloo,they taste good and served them with Capellini Pasta.

For Making Aloo Balls:

Potato:4 medium(diced,boiled,peeled n mashed)
Cabbage:1/4 cup
Ginger Garlic Paste:1 spn
Green Chillies:4-5 adjust to taste (finely chopped)
Salt:To Taste
All Purpose Flour:3 spns
Bread Crumbs:5-6 spns
Oil:Fpr Deep Frying
Coriander Leaves:2 spns Chopped

For Marinara:
I used a store bought Marinara Sauce to make this dish.

1.In a pan,add 2 spoons of oil,when hot add the chopped cabbage,fry till cabbage turns 70% soft.When done add a spoon of ginger garlic paste,fry till the raw flavor is removed.Add chopped chillies and now put in the mashed potatoes,salt,mix well and let it cook on medium flame for 4-5 mins.
2.Finally add chopped coriander mix well and make small balls out of the potato masala.
3.Heat Oil for deep frying aloo balls.
4.Take all-purpose flour in a bowl,to this add 3 spoons of water and make it to a smooth paste,make sure that no lumps are formed.
5.Dip each aloo ball in all-purpose flour and then roll them evenly in bread crumbs,repeat the same with all the aloo balls and let them rest for 5 mins.
6.After 5 mins drop the balls in hot oil and fry them till they turn golden color.
7.Place the balls on to a paper towel,let the paper absorb the excess oil.

Heat the marinara sauce in a boiling pan and then when you are ready to serve place the balls side by side and then pour the marinara sauce on top of the aloo balls and garnish it with cilantro.
and the yummy aloo balls in Marinara sauce is ready to serve hot with Eggplant cutlet(I used frozen ones,just tawed then n heated them on a pan) and Capallini pasta.

Fried aloo balls can be served with Tomato Ketchup as a snack too.

when you make this aloo balls they can be used in 2 ways as a snack and also a side dish


Saraswathy Balakrishnan said...

Wow aloo balls in marinara sauce looks so delicious and yummy Kavya..presentation bagundi

Reshmi said...

marinara sauce sounds great yaar...great dish...

Tina said...

So delicious and mouthwatering...

sree said...

Good one Kavya! Just got introduced to ur blog thru TIA. Good blog! I make the same balls with tofu. shall try your method one day too.

chilliiiiiiii chelliiiiiiii said...

it was toooooooooo gud was my first italian dish turned out tooooooooo gud...had a yummy diner on our 250th day anni...lov u sis