Of all the cuisines our favorites are Italian and Mexican.I love a basic rice bowl at Chipotle and my hubby like Grilled Veggie Burrito with extra Chim-churi Sauce at Rubios and Mango Salsa at Bajaj Fresh is my favorite.I wanted to make a perfect burrito to our taste at home.After 2-3 trails I finally ended up with a good one today,so I clicked few pics and here with the simple recipe I followed.Of course U have a great chance of customizing this Mexcian food.I made it to my taste.


Tortillas:3(I used Flour Tortillas)
Cooked Rice:Half Cup(Add lime juice,salt to taste and some chopped Coriander to the rice)
Onion:1(Cut into slices)
Green Bell Pepper:1(cut into strips)
Mushroom:1 cupSour Cream:To Taste
Guacamole:Made from 1 Avacado
Black Beans:1/2 can(Risne the beans add 1/4 cup of water,pinch of salt,cook for 5-8 mins and mash the beans smooth)
Lettuce:1 cup
Cheese:Optional(I didnt use Cheese in my burrito)Oil:4-5 spn


1.In a frying pan,add oil,when hot put the onions and fry till they turn smooth,remove the onions and now fry the bell pepper in the same pan till they become soft,make sure they don't turn mushy,they should be a little crunchy.
2.Remove the bell peppers and in the same pan add the cut mushroom,saute the mushrooms and now the veggies are ready for burrito.
3.Get the Guacamole ready.To see the Guacamole recipe click here.4.Take a Frying pan and turn on the heat,when hot put the Tortilla on it and just heat the tortilla on both sides,make sure not to make the tortillas crisp,as this will out allow us to fold and make a perfect burrito.
5.After heating the tortilla,put 2-3 spoons of rice and then the mashed black beans,guacamole,lettuce,sauted veggies,mushroom,sour cream and now fold the burrito.To Secure the filling form coming out of the burrito we need to pack the burrito on both sides.
6.Serve the burrito with some extra salsa or Guacamole of ur choice.

I made a Mango Avacado Salad as a side dish to go with the burrito for our lunch Today.


Unknown said...

Very nice Burito.I like the stuffings very much.Gr8 presentation...

Nithu Bala said...

Looks tempting..a very good click Dear..

Nitha said...

Nice clicks... Looks delicious...

AdukalaVishesham said...

looks good.. one of our fav cuisine.... We too posted a mexican dish recently veggie quesadilla..

Ambika said...

Awesome, we also love burritos!

Unknown said...

Like the way you have wrapped the burrito. Looks delicious Kavya.