Chocolate Dipped Apple

Best way to create any enjoy a fruit in the way we love.Recently I saw this apple in Costco,made fresh he gave me a small piece to taste.I liked it and asked him if he can sell 1 apple for me.He said Sorry we are not allowed to sell 1 piece u need to buy dozen of them.I was like hmmm how can I have them all,as my hubby is not a big fan of this kind of stuff,so thought of making 1 for me the way I want,used chocolate instead of caramel.Sky is the limit..right!!! u can make your own choice.I saw a store in vegas which sells Caramel dipped apples and topped with Marshmallow....Isn't yummmy.


Green Apple:2 medium
Sweetend Chocolate:4 pieces(I used a bar so used half of it)
Nut Topping:1 small pack(Bought a small packet from baking aisle)
Sweetened Coconut:1/4 cup


1.Wash the apples,pat them dry and put aside.
2.Take the chocolate pieces in a micro-safe bowl and turn on the oven for 30 secs bring it out and mix well.Now repeat again for another 30 secs.Stir well,so that chocolate is completely melted.
3.Remove the stem and pierce a candy stick to hold the apple easily.Now dip the apple in the melted chocolate and coat it evenly on 3/4 of the apple.Roll this coated apple on the nut toppings and put aside.Repeat the same with another apple and top it with sweetened coconut and cool them in fridge for 5-10 mins and serve them.


Padhu Sankar said...

Simple and yummy dessert .Looks so tempting

Nitha said...

that sounds interesting and yummy apples..