Cold Coffee

I'm a big fan of coffee.I usually drink coffee in the morning and skip my Breakfast,know that skipping breakfast is not good for health but not used to it.I can have coffee in any time of the day.When ever I feel low first thing I do is to go and grab a cup of it and I feel very refreshing.My mom makes good coffee I miss her every morning :(

Summer is the best time to have cool and refreshing drinks,so made a cold coffee.Each time I talk about cold coffee I always remember a joke from a Telugu movie(sorry I forgot the name of the movie)2 friends go to a coffee shop and order a coffee,one friend say 'A' haves it when its hot and the other friend say 'B' was chit-chatting and was late,then 'A' makes a comment that we can talk later,1st have the coffee else they would charge us Rs 50/- instead of Rs 5/-


Instant Coffee Powder:2 spns
Hot Water:2 spns(just to dissolve the instant coffee powder in it)
Milk:1/2 cup
Vanilla Ice-Cream:1 scoop
Ice Cubes:4-5
Sugar :To Taste


Mix 2 spns of coffee powder in 2 spns of hot water,make sure that it has no lumps.Now add all the other ingredients listed to a blender and blend on medium speed till all the ingredients are well blended with each other.Now Drizzle little chocolate syrup in the glass and pour the coffee mixture an add little ice-cream if u want else just sprinkle little coffee powder on top and serve it chill.


Unknown said...

cold coffee luks yum...lovely photography and presentation.

Unknown said...

So pretty!

Nitha said...

looks great.. lovely...

callmeasviju said...

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PranisKitchen said...

u r right this hot its really refreshing one.. nice pic too