Peppery Corn

Sweet Corn is now a common item in many shopping malls and movie Theaters in India,I used to have atleast two of them,of all the flavors I love to eat pepper flavored corn.Can be made in no time.


Sweet Corn:1 cup(I used frozen corn)
Salt:To Taste
Pepper:To taste
Lemon Juice:To Taste
Butter:1/2 spn


1.In a pan,add butter and let it melt,now add the sweet corn and fry for 2 mins and cover it with lid for 4-5 mins,mix once in a while.
2.Fry well,add salt,pepper and toss well so that they mix evenly.
3.Finally add lemon juice,toss again and serve hot.


Unknown said...

This is my daughter's fav...Adding pepper is very gud idea,will try next time.

Nitha said...

I am not a big fan of corn.. But this is an easy recipe for corn lovers.. Nice pic too..

Padhu Sankar said...

I am also a great fan of peppery corn.Love it very much