Kara Sev June Challenge-Indian Cooking Challenge

Kara Sev is the Challenge for June month at Indian Cooking Challenge seeing this month challenge I was scared as I never made this before and I totally forgot about this challenge,morning when I was talking to my mom I suddenly realized that tomorrow is the date to publish the challenge.I told my mom about this challenge and expressed my fear then she told me don't give up dear as u still have time to do,keeping that in mind I made them today and turned out too good.They were very crispy and loved the taste.


Gram Flour (Besan)- 2 1/2 cups
Rice flour - 1 cup
Chilli powder - 1/4 tsp
Black pepper coarsely powdered - 1 tsp
Ghee - 2 1/2 tspCooking soda pinch (optional)
Salt to taste.
Crushed garlic (optional) 2 pods
Oil to deep fry.

  1. Sieve both Gram flour and Rice flour together in a bowl and make a pit.
  2. Add chilli powder, Pepper powder, Salt, Crushed garlic, Ghee, Cooking soda.
  3. Mix thoroughly with hands. It should look like bread crumbs. Divide the dough into 4 portions.
  4. Take One portion of this mixture, sprinkle water, knead like Puri dough.
  5. Heat oil in a kadai, Use a ladle with lot of holes (Kara Sevai ladle) or Sev maker. Put some dough on that and rub directly into oil.
  6. It will be like split string. Deep fry in oil , drain excess oil.
  7. After cooling this off, Store this in an airtight container.
The challenge suggested 2 different recipes I followed the 1st recipe and would love the try the second one in coming weeks.Thank U Srivalli for the wonderful challenge,with this challenge I got use the Sev press which I bought almost a year back :)


Satya said...

wow kara sev looks so crispy n delicious ...yummy yum

Vegetarian Yogini said...

Very tempting!Crisp and fresh!

Nitha said...

crispy n crunchy.. love this..

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Lovey such crunch snacks for tea. Nice recipe... YUM!

Bhagi said...

nice clicks Kavya....pass me the plate.....

Padhu said...

Kara sev looks fantastic ! With a cup of hot tea ,can anyone say no

Anonymous said...

Crispy sev! Even I used the first recipe.

Scraps said...

Looks great!

RV said...

Golden crispy Kara Sev looks delicious.. Perfect with a cup of tea.

Christine said...

That looks interesting! Looks crispy, crunchy and yummy. There's no info on it in Foodista. I hope somebody like you would contribute something about it there. ;-)

Srivalli said...

Good that you finally made it!...Kara sev looks very crisp