Manoharam~Indian Cooking Challenge August 2010

Manoharam,we call it Jantiki Undalu,I use to have them a lot when I was kid,I use to buy them from a lady who sells it before our school,use to give her 25 paise and get one,go home eating it all the way in rickshaw :)
Lovely childhood days.Isn't it.I love being a kid.If god asks me to make a wish I'll ask him for those days again.

After seeing mail from Srivalli,announcing August challenge for Indian Cooking Challenge I was excited to make it and found it simple,but things were different when it came to execution.I followed the recipe and made everything but at the time of making balls out of the mixture I failed,may be I went wrong with the consistency of the jaggery,I rolled the ball and hit the cup,till then its fine measuring and adding sev took a while by then the syrup was still boiling,this might have made the mixture too dry and I cannot make the balls then I thought of leaving the mixture as it is and have it in a cup and eat with a spoon,but I just wanted to give a try,so just added few drops of water and again put it on heat then the mixture starte
d to melt and become a bit sticky.Then an idea flashed in my mind and I used my cup cake pan.I greased the pan and then put the mixture in to it when its hot and just pressed from top.When its cooled I removed them and clicked a pic :) I know that its not the traditional way of making it but I had no other go.

Moong Dal - 1 cup
Raw Rice - 2 cups
Salt to taste
Ghee - 2 tbsp
Oil for deep frying.

Jaggery is 1 cup ( packed upto level)
Gadget: Murukku press with the three dot pore disc fitted in.
Powdered jaggery will come in later.
To measure the Jaggery you will have to crumble the thenkuzhal. The ratio is going to be about 350 gms of powdered jaggery to 1 & 1/2 litre crumbled then kuzhal.
4 Measures in volume (As in cups) of murukku bits to 1 heaped measure of powdered jaggery would work fine.


1.Wash and soak the rice for 15 mins. Drain and spread over a clean cloth to absorb excess moisture. You can shade dry the rice for 30 - 40 mins. Grind the rice to a very fine powder.
2.The dal has to be powdered raw until very fine too.
3.Measure two parts of rice flour against one part of moong dal flour. Mix well and add some salt to the mixture. Rub in the ghee to incorporate it well with the flours. Add water and knead to a dough that can be passed through the pores of the murukku press.
4.If you are making more than the mentioned measure, prepare the dough in batches, otherwise the murukkus become discoloured due to exposure to air.
5.Heat oil in a pan and on a moderately hot temperature press the murukkus in the oil and fry them until they are crisp. Remove with a slotted ladle and place on absorbent tissues to remove excess oil.
6.Once cool, break the prepared murukkus in tiny bits.Measure this by volume and the powdered jaggery.
7.Take the jageery in a pan and add some warm water to it. Stir to dissolve and pass through a strainer to remove scum.
8.Place the dissolved jaggery in a pan and bring to a boil. Boil this down to a syrup of a rollable hard ball consistency. You may drop few drops of syrup in cold water and roll the syrup with your fingers to form a ball. Lift the ball off the water and drop it back into the water with force. You should be able to hear the sound of ball hitting the floor of the cup. This is the correct consistency.
9.Remove the syrup from the fire. Quickly add the bits of murukku and give a brisk stir in order that the jaggery syrup coats evenly on the pieces.
10.While still warm and the heat is of manageable warmth, Grease your palms lightly and roll the mixture in balls just about bigger than ping-pong balls in size.
11.Place them separately on a flat dish. Serve as such.
Optionally you may cut slices of coconut and add them to the jaggery and murukku mix prior to making the manohara urundais.

I was happy to see that final product and gave a pat on my back,had one immediately after taking the pic,it was so good,literally melting in the mouth.Thank U Srivalli for this month's challenge.It was really a challenge for me and ofcourse for my brain too :D


Scraps said...

Using the muffin pans is inspired! My sugar set up so fast (the second time--had to make another batch as the first ratio wasn't enough to coat everything) that there really wasn't time to roll them into anything, all I could do was break them up into chunks. Just as tasty that way, though!

I like that yours are nice and even and stack very nicely :)

veena said...

wow Manoharam in a muffin pan, that's so cool. NIce and delicious

Srivalli said...

Now that is really a neat idea!..I love the way each one has done with the challenge!..thank you for joining us..a small suggestion..your font is not clear to read as its in black..if it suits you better do think of changing it to something else..hope you dont mind me saying this..

Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen said...

Muffin Manoharam looks Delicious!!!! :)

KavyaNaimish said...

I didn't realize this while I could change only half of the post...Sorry abt it