Semiya Halwa

Today ,Sep 2nd is 'Power Star' Pawan Kalyan's birthday.I'm a big big fan of his acting.During my college days and even before marriage I use to celebrate his birthday with my friends ,giving them treat at our canteen or so,My friend Suresh Kotni is also a fan of him so we both use to wish each other and celebrate the day.Wishing Him gud luck for his upcoming movie Komaram Puli.
This year I didn't make anything as I'm feeling a bit low as today is the first death anniversary of Y.S.Rajashekar Reddy,CM of Andhra Pradesh.I'm not so much into politics but as a person I love his attitude,I hate watching Parliament sessions but I'm used to see them only because to see this wonderful personality.Even now I'm in tears writing about him here.Few likes n dislikes will not have reasons,Isn't it!!!Missing him :(
So I just wanted to post a recipe that was there in my drafts.

Semiya:1 cup
Sugar:1 cup
Water:1 and 1/4 cup(1.25 cups)
Ghee:2 spns
Cashew Nuts:10-15 no(broken)
Raisins:10-15 no
Elachi:2 no(open)
Orange Food Color:A Pinch(optional)

1.Heat Ghee in a pan,when it melts and becomes hot add the cashew nuts and raisins fry till cashews turn golden color,take them to a plate and put aside.Now add the semiya to the remaining ghee and fry carefully till it turn golden color,make sure not to burn it.
2.In the same pan add 1.25 cups of water and cook it covered till well done,now add sugar,mix and now the mixture becomes loose,add elachi,food color and mix together.
3.Cook it on medium flame till it becomes tight again.Keep stirring once in a while else it will stick to the bottom.
4.Finally add the fried cashews and raisins.

1.Make sure that semiya is well cooked before adding sugar,once u add sugar then the semiya will stop cooking,so it may become hard after sometime.


Priya Suresh said...

Fabulous looks semiya halwa..

Padhu Sankar said...

Semiya halwa looks yummy

Akila said...

i too know the good things done by Reddy sir...

and ur halwa looks superb...

ujvala said...

Hi Kavya, i like your blog very much; Your potato halwa sounds interesting; I would try that; I have also started a new blog recently; Could you follow my blog. my friend chandana told me that you are on TIA. I am also on TIA; we could be in touch with orkut too :)

Unknown said...

Hello Kavya, I am a great fan of yours, from your starting days when you joined orkut once I came across your profile and I saw your pics where you kept the pics of your cooking I thought you are a great cook and you are I tried several of your recipes which turned hit. The way you present the food is too good. You are a genius in creativity. After sailus blog the only blog which I follow daily is yours. Good job keep it up. All the best for your future.

nasreen basu said...

very useful really good information thanks for posting such a good information it will hepls the people a lot keep it up , Regards,
Semiya upma