Tomato Pandu Mirapakaai Pacchadi

Yipppee finally I could make a yummy tomato pickle which I wanted to make from 2 years,once my hubby gave me the recipe which he got it from his mom when he was a bachelor,he made it for his friends then that I was a hit,and later after marriage he made this at home but It was a flop so I was scared to make one,finally I dared to give it a try yesterday and was a success.I used tomatoes and red chillies and made a simple tempering.This pickle can be served immediately after making it and lasts good for 3-4 months when used carefully.


Tomatoes:300 gms
Fresno Red Chillies:300 gms
Salt:3-4 spns(adjust to taste)
Chilli Powder:1/4 cup
Mustard Powder:2 spns
Fenugreek Powder:1 spn
Turmeric:A Pinch
Tamrind:A small gooseberry size(make sure that the tamarind has no seeds and strings)
Oil:1.5 cups

For Tempering:

Mustard Seeds:1 spn
Hinge:1/2 spn
Curry Leaves:15 no
Dry Red Chillies:3-4(cut)
Garlic Cloves:8 no(crushed)


1.Wipe the tomatoes and chillies using a dry cloth and chop them into pieces.
2.In a pan add 3-4 spns of oil,when the oil becomes hot add the chopped tomatoes and red chillies,mix well add the tamrind,sprinkle little salt all over and fry them till all the moisture is gone and the mixture becomes thick,add pinch of turmeric powder,mix and turn off the flame and let the mixture becomes cool.
3.Now take the mixture into a blender and run it to a coarse paste,take this mixture to a bowl,add red chilli powder,salt,mustard powder,fenugreek powder and mix well with no lumps of the dry ingredients.
4. Take another pan add the remaining oil,when it becomes hot add the must
ard seeds when they splatter add the crushed garlic and fry for 2 mins then finally add hinge,curry leaves and cut dry red chillies,fry for a min and now add the ground tomato and chilli paste to the tempering and fry for 2 mins so that the the water evaporates if it still has any.
5.Allow it to cool and store it in a glass jar for long self time.It stays good for almost 3-4 months.
Serve it with hot rice,Roti,Dosa,Idly anything of your choice.

--I used the store bought mustard and fenugreek powder from India,if u don't want to use store bought ones u can make it at home.Just dry roast the mustard seeds for 2-3 mins,let the cool and then make it to powder,do the same with the fenugreek seeds also.
--The ratio of the ingredients are just to my taste,u may vary them to ur taste.
--I used vegetable oil to make this pickle but traditionally seaseme seed oil is used to make pickles.

Make sure that you don't use any wet utensils or spoons to make this recipe,moisture may spoil the pickle.
Store it in a glass jar and don't leave any steel spoon in the jar,always use a plastic spoon.This is help for the pickle to stay fresh.


Anonymous said...

Kavya,chala days tharuvatha neenu nee blog chusay....OMG migathavi sare gani ela pachadllu chesi nuvvu norru uristhay ela cheppu? Asalu neenu pedha foodie nay kaadhu but aft seeing this pic I'm craving like anything....God please do something!!!!!!!

Priya Suresh said...

Pachadi looks super delicious and spicy..

Nitha said...

That should be a spicy one.. love it..

Anonymous said...

Hi Kavya, I have a doubt in step 4 should we use the whole red chillies
in the first step or keep a half of it to use in this step.

Where can I find red chillies in U.S?

KavyaNaimish said...

@Anonymous 2:
In Step 3 we use Fresno Red Chillies and step 4 we use dry red chillies listed under tempering..

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