Beerakaya Egg Burji

Every person is a student though he/she is done with the studies.Life teaches us a lot from our day to day experiences.Isn't it!!! After many failure attempts for 2.5 yrs I finally learned to make Egg Burji in the last few months.I saw my cutie Chilli(sister) making this burji and learnt few tips from her to get it done perfect.Thank U Dear.

Egg can be cooked in different ways of all Burji and Fried eggs are my favorites.I saw this recipe in a TV channel,a bachelor shared this recipe,when I saw the recipe I wondered how it would taste when cooked with ridge gourd!!this different combination made me to try the dish and from then I'm making this dish very often,so do try this recipe and share me your experiences.

Ridge Gourd:1 big(peeled n cut into chunks)
Onion:1 medium(chopped)
Chopped Ginger:1 spn
Green Chillies:3-4(finely chopped)
Curry Leaves:6-7
Cumin Seeds:1 spn
Coriander Powder:1/2 spn
Fresh Coriander Leaves:2 spns
Oil:3 spns
Turmeric Pwd:1/2 spn
Salt:To Taste
Chilli Powder:To Taste

1.Heat Oil in a pan,when hot add cumin seeds,allow them to splatter and then add grated ginger,chopped green chillies,onion,sprinkle little salt and fry till onion turns translucent.At this stage add ridge gourd chunks,mix and cover to cook them soft.
2.Now add coriander pwd,turmeric pwd mix throughly and then break the eggs into the same pan,mix well to break the egg yolks,keep mixing it and fry till the raw flavor is removed from the eggs and the mixture turns little crisp,add salt and chilli pwd to taste.Mix and finally add coriander leaves and turn off the heat.
3.Serve it hot with chapathi/white rice.

Sprinkle little garam masala if u like.U can used ginger garlic paste instead of grated ginger.
Peel the skin of ridge gourd completely or partially.I prefer to peel it partially,as the skin is rich in fiber and don't want to let it go waste.


divya said...

looks tempting and delicious...

Akila said...

my favorite one dear....

MySpicyKitchen said...

It tastes great... I haven't made this in a while, will make it next time..