Chip Dip

Chip Dip,heard it from my sis Navya and tasted it at her house,My sister's Husband Ganesh made it for us.I couldn't could munching.Even though its my 1st visit to their place I didn't feel shy to enjoy Chip Dip.Hmmmmm Yummy...Recently I fell in love with it...Thank U Ganesh for the chip Dip U made :) Got the recipe from him.


Refried Beans:1 can
Sour Cream: 1 can(16 oz)
Guacamole: 1 packet(I used store bought pack)
Salsa: 1 can (I used HOT variety)
Cheese:1/2 cup
Salt: 1/2 spn
Taco Seasoning: To Taste

1.In a microwave safe bowl put the refried beans,add alt and taco seasoning,mix well so that the seasonings are well incorporated into the beans.Microwave for 1 min,pull out,mix well and spread it to a even layer.
2.Now layer the sour cream and then the salsa,guacamole,cheese on over the other as layers and micro wave it for 1-1.5 mins.If u want u can repeated the layers,but finally top it up with cheese.
3.Serve with tortilla chips.


Renata said...

mmmm... that looks absolutely yummy!

Puja said...

Looks colorful and pretty!

US Masala

Kurinji said...

Lovely n nice clicks...

Priya Suresh said...

I dont bother to have some with tortilla chips,so tempting dip..

Akila said...

Wow that looks really fantastic dear....
love it...


Renuka said...

So tempting, I love the photos. I must try this soon.