Oats & Apple Halwa

Oats,it has been my hubby's daily breakfast from last 2.5 yrs and he too want me to eat oats,but I didn't like it.Till date he always ask me to start with small quantity,add some pickle or curry to make it taste better,but I never gave a try,Recently I saw this recipe in a TV show and then made it last Thursday and offered it as a prasadam to Lord Sai Baba and took it as a baba's prasadam.I liked the taste then.May be thats because of using dry fruits and ghee :P but will try to make different varieties using oats once in a week.


Apple:1 (cut into small pieces)
Old Fashioned Oats:1 cup(dry roast oats till they turn golden color and blend it to coarse powder,don't use water while blending)
Sugar:1/2 cup or adjust to Taste
Milk:3 cups
Dry Fruits:2 spns(I used raisins,almonds,cashew)
Ghee:2 spns
Cardamom Powder:1/2 spn


1.In a sauce pan,add milk and bring it to boil,now add the coarse oats powder and cover to cook till the oats become soft,add sugar,cardamom powder and mix well.
2.Take other pan,add ghee and fry the dry fruits till golden color,when done add them to the oats and milk mixture,finally add the apple pieces and cook for another 4-5 min on low flame till the mixture becomes thick and turn off the flame.


U can add honey instead of Sugar.I made a coarse powder of oats,but u can skip this step and add the roasted oats directly.


divya said...

looks yummy...tempting click...

Unknown said...

Such a tasty and healthy halwa

Unknown said...

Diff recipe Kavya.

Reshmi said...

hey kavya...nice creativity with apple n oats...loved it..

Unknown said...

luks yummy kavya.. just a small suggestion, instead of old fashioned oats, Steel cut oats are even healthier... thnq 4 the recipe :)