Sweet Lassi

Yogurt based drink is Lassi,this may be sweet or salt not only this u can even make it to your by adding flavorings.This Sweet Lassi is what I always make sure to have whenever I visit my Grandma's place,Berhampur,Orissa.I love to have Pani Puri,Chaat in the evening with my cousins and finally end up with a glass of lassi at Murthy Lassi Center.My mom used to make this for us during summers.I'm never satisfied with just one glass.Adding coconut and cashew to the Lassi brings unique flavor.Childhood memories are always chweeeet :)

To Blend:
Fresh Curd:1 cup
Sugar:3 spns
Ice Cubes:4-5
Water:1/4 cup
Vanilla Extract:1/2 spn

For Garnish:
Dry/Fresh Grated Coconut:1 spn
Broken Cashew: 1 spn

Take all the ingredients listed under to blend into a blender and blend well till all the flavors are combined.Lassi should not be too thick or too thin.When done pour this mixture into a glass and garnish it with coconut n cashew.Serve cool.


Aruna Manikandan said...

looks delicious :)

Ms.Chitchat said...

Perfect thirst quencher.

Kurinji said...

looks yummy n my fav...

Nithya said...

I love lassi... yummy.. lovely click too :)

Akila said...

i will have that whole glass of lassi dear....

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