Tom Yam Soup

Healthy and yummy soups always have their importance in our menu during winter,I saw this recipe in ETV Telugu channel's Abhiruchi,chefs are showing very yummy and simple recipes,they are even showing cute vegetable carvings.Both the soup and vegetable carving I posted in this post are from that program.Thanks to those chefs who make cooking easy.

Tom Yam Soup is a thin soup made with very simple ingredients yet very tasty.After tasting the soup my hubby named it Tom Yum Soup :)


Tomato:1 medium(diced)
Mushroom:7-8 no(cut into quarters and Blanched)
Onion:1 small(diced)
Cilantro Stems with few leaves:15 no
Vegetable Broth/Water:3 cups
Red Chilli Sauce:2 spns
Tomato Ketchup:1 spn
Vinegar:1 spn
Soya Sauce:3 drops
Pepper:To Taste
Salt:To Taste


Place a sauce pan on flame,throw in onion,tomato,blanched mushroom,cilantro stems and fry for 2-3 mins,now add the water/vegetable broth and bring it to a boil,now
add chilli sauce,vinegar,soya sauce,ketchup,salt and pepper to taste,stir well and let this mixture boil for 5-6 mins on medium flame now turn off the heat and serve hot.

I was trying to click the pic in a different angle to get the perfect view of the humming bird which I made using a green chilli and radish leaves,but I was in a hurry as my hubby is back home for lunch,the result was this and it so cute...Isn't it???

Steps to make the Humming Bird:

Trim the stem of the chilli and make a small slit on either sides of the chilli and insert a radish leaf in both the slits,Using mustard seeds/pepper cons stud the eyes.

Sending this cute carving to
Eagerly waiting to see more carving and learn them.


Ms.Chitchat said...

Very interesting ingredients,worth trying.

divya said...

This looks awesome...mouth watering.

Simplyfood said...

Thanks for the entry, its beautiful.I love the melon basket in your header too.Looking forward to more entries from you.