Lasagna Fritta

Rarely we visit Olive Garden,we don't have this in our city,we went there on Christmas Eve as my hubby wanted to have Ever Ending Pasta,we missed the point that the offer was only for a limited time,ofcourse my hubby was disappointed and he had to go with regular menu items.We found Lasagna Fritta in the Starter section and ordered it,we really loved the taste.Stuffed Lasagna Fritta Served with Alfredo sauce and Marinara hmmmm taste was heavenly.Came home and googled for the recipe,got one but modified to our taste.Here goes the recipe

Lasagna Sheets:4 no
Alfredo Sauce:1/2 cup
Marinara Sauce:3 spns
Oil: For Deep Frying

For Filling:
Ricotta Cheese: 1 cup
Fresh Parsley/Fresh Basil Leaves : 2 spns (cut the leaves into strips)
Italian Seasonings:1 spn (crushed)
Salt:To Taste
Pepper Powder:To taste

For Coating::
Milk:1 cup
Egg:1 no (beaten)
Bread Crumbs : 1/2 cup (I used store bought seasoned bread crumbs)

1.In a pot of water add salt and bring it to boil,put the lasagna sheets and cook them covered for 10-12 mins,when done drain the water and lay the sheets on a plate immediately and let them cool else they would stick together.
2.Take a bowl and mix all the ingredients listed under filling,mix well and scoop 2 spns of the ricotta chesse mixture on to the lasagna sheet spread in the spread and close the lasagna sheet,repeat the same with all the lasagna sheets and chilli them in freezer for 2-3 hrs,this helps the filling to stay in the sheet rather than coming out.
3.After the chilling time take the stuffed Lasagna and cut length wise into half.
In another bowl add milk and beaten egg together and put aside.

4.Heat oil for deep frying.When the oil is ready dip the stuffed Lasagna into the egg and milk mixture,and them coat it with bread crumbs all over and then deep fry them in the oil till they turn golden color.
5.When done take them to a paper towel and arrange them on to a plate.
6.Spread the warm Alfredo sauce(I just kep it in microwave for a min) on to a plate and arrange the fried Lasagna and top it up with little marinara sauce and serve hot.

I made the filling to my taste,but u can make some variations like add some fresh cheeses or seasonings to ur taste.Serve the dish immediately or else the Lasagna sheets will loose their crunchiness and become soggy.


Priya said...

They looks sooo yummy,waiting for the recipe now..

Akila said...

new recipe to me dear... love it....

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Harika's Kitchen said...

i am really impressed kavya garu.


shivi ramu said...

is there an alternative to egg ?

AAD said...

super recipe...I love this dish, and have it everytime we go to olive garden....gonna try it at home now... thanks