Mushroom Dum Biriyani

Mushroom Biriyani,I made it in a dum style,got to know about this recipe from ETV,Abhiruchi program.I
tried it the very next day I saw this recipe.It turned out too gud.Here is the recipe.

Mushrooms:1 Can,cut into halves  (u can even use fresh mushrooms,blanch the fresh mushrooms and quarter them)
Frozen Peas:1/2 cup (optional)
Rice:1 cup (soak for 30 mins,drain the water and put aside)
Whole Garam Masala : Cloves,Cinnamon,Bay Leave,Shahjeera, Cardamom,Star Anise
Green Chillies:3-4 Cut Length Wise
Chopped Mint:1/2 cup
Salt: To Taste
Water: 3 cups
Oil/Ghee: 2-3 spns

For Marination:
Fried Onions:4 spns
Curd: 3/4 cup
Chilli Powder: To Taste
Ginger Garlic Paste:1 spn
Coriander Powder: 1/2 spn
Turmeric Powder: A Pinch

Marinating Mushrooms: 
In a bowl add the cut mushrooms,curd,salt and chilli powder to taste,ginger garlic paste,coriander powder,turmeric powder,fried onions and mix well,coat the mushrooms well with curd and leave the mixture covered for 15 mins.

For Preparing Briyani Rice:
In a cooking pot pour 3 cups of water add a spn of ghee/oil,bring it to boil add whole garam masala, green chillies, mint,salt to taste,stir well and add the soaked rice and cook it covered till the rice is 70% done.Now drain the water completely and put aside

Assembling Biriyani:
1.In a pan add a spn of ghee,allow the ghee to melt now add the marinated mushroom mixture,frozen peas and fry for 4-5 mins.
2.Spread the mushroom mixture evenly in the pan,now layer the 70% cooked rice evenly,sprinkle finely chopped mint,fried onions and a spn of ghee on rice and cover the pan with aluminum foil and cover it with a lid,so that no steam escapes out,let it cook for 15 mins on medium flame.
3.Remove the foil and serve hot with raitha.

I used Canned Mushrooms and store bought fried onions but u can substitute it with fresh mushrooms and onions.When u r using fresh Mushrooms blanch them in hot water and proceed in the same procedure as above.To make fried onions,slice the onions very thin and shallow fry the onions till brown n crisp by sprinkling little salt.


Unknown said...

That looks like a perfect plate of meal. YUM!

Unknown said...

Omg they luks so tempting kavya,love this briyani ever...

Nithya said...

Wow this looks super yummy :) got to try it out soon :)

Priya Suresh said...

Excellent and droolworthy briynai,inviting!

Akila said...

wow thats really delicious looking dear....

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