Blue Layered Cake

Last week we planned for a meet with group of friends through Orkut community.One among them was pregnant so I wanted to buy a cake and arrange a small surprise for her,discussed about it with the rest of the group and a friend suggested me to bake the cake.I was like ok let me try,shez expecting a baby boy so I've choose to make a blue layer cake.

Due to time constraints I couldn't make it from scratch so I bought a white cake mix,blue food color,cream cheese frosting and made it,else I thought of making a blue velvet cake.I baked the cake as per instructions on the cake box,layered them,and decorated with sweetened coconut flakes and some blue candies and blue decorating sugar.
Cake tasted gud and everybody liked the color of the cake and the simple deco as well.

Wishing the couple Gud Luck and Safe pregnancy ahead...